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Several years ago, I showed a friend a few websites that I had built in my spare time.  His first response was “dude, those are SICK!”  In need of a web “identity,” I rolled with it.  If you are looking for a corporate studio with a laundry list of procedures and strict protocols - you’ve got the wrong guy.  I simply have a keen eye for graphic art - and a deep commitment to delivering on the needs of your small business. You don’t need to know the difference between UI, UX, SEO and DXM.  You may not understand the difference between a Responsive Website and a Mobile Website - but that’s why we’ll make a great team. You know your business - you know your customers - and you know your customers are looking for “you.”  I will help them find you - and convert them into customers.  We’ll engage them, track them, and create ways to make them more loyal to your business model. I use a robust tool set to make this happen.  I design with a variety of modern tools that use HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript.  I shy away from Flash animation - simply because our friends at @pple don’t like the file types.  We will use StatCounter and Google Analytics to track your success - and several interactive tools (widgets) to give you the ability to update your site on your own time! You have enough to do - so let me worry about the web stuff.  Nobody will work harder - nobody will pay more attention to the small details - and nobody will thirst to deliver on your expectations the way I do.  Let’s get started today!
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